Unveiling Men: Modern Masculinities in Twentieth-Century Iran

TitleUnveiling Men: Modern Masculinities in Twentieth-Century Iran
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsDeSouza, Wendy
PublisherSyracuse University Press
CitySyracuse, NY

This study offers an alternate narrative of modern Iranian masculinity as an attempt to redraw social hierarchies among men. Moving beyond rigid portrayals of Islamic patriarchy and female oppression, she analyzes debates about manhood and maleness in early twentieth-century Iran, particularly around questions of race and sexuality. The monograph presents the larger implications of Pahlavi hegemonic masculinity in creating racialized male subjects and “productive” sexualities. In addition, she explores a cross-pollination with Europe, identifying how the “East” shaped visions of European male identity. [Taylor & Francis Online]

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