Autoridad, Poder e Influencia: Mujeres que Hacen Historia

TitleAutoridad, Poder e Influencia: Mujeres que Hacen Historia
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsFranco, Henar Gallego, and María del Carmen Herrero
Corporate AuthorsAsociación Española de Investigación Histórica de las Mujeres
Number of Pages206
PublisherIcaria Editorial
CityBarcelona, Spain

This volume raises as a central theme the historical agency of women, with the aim of insisting on the visibility of their action as an exercise of authority, power and influence. It is intended to critically reflect on the presence and prominence of women in political and religious structures, in labor and economic means, in social movements, as well as in the generation and transmission of knowledge and artistic expression, in all spaces and historical stages. In short, we turn our attention to the field of the agency of women in history, renewed in recent years, with the purpose of incorporating the most innovative contributions and promoting fruitful review, discussion and debate. (Publisher)

Translated TitleAuthority, Power and Influence: Women Who Make History
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