Reporteras Españolas, Testigos de Guerra: de las Pioneras a las Actuales

TitleReporteras Españolas, Testigos de Guerra: de las Pioneras a las Actuales
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2018
Authorsdel Paso, Ana
Number of Pages333
CityBarcelona, Spain

In this book, Ana del Paso tells the story of these brilliant women correspondents, committed to their words and who, through their courage, have contributed to ensuring that no conflict falls into oblivion. They are exceptional witnesses who work on the edge in situations of horror and death. They describe war, photograph and film it, analyze it, interview both sides, and strive to ensure that we do not remain impassive in the face of human injustice. This book tells of five centuries of war journalism by women who have reported on historical events. From the pioneers such as Carmen de Burgos, Teresa de Escoriaza or Josefina Carabias, to name a few, to the young Spanish reporters who report from the Middle East, Africa, America and Asia. [Publisher]

Translated TitleSpanish Women Reporters, Witnesses of War: From Pioneers to Today's Reporters
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