Officer, Nurse, Woman: The Army Nurse Corps in the Vietnam War

TitleOfficer, Nurse, Woman: The Army Nurse Corps in the Vietnam War
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsVuic, Kara Dixon
PublisherJohns Hopkins University Press

Drawing on more than 100 interviews, Vuic allows the nurses to tell their own captivating stories on the Vietnam War, from their reasons for joining the military to the physical and emotional demands of a horrific war and postwar debates about how to commemorate their service. Vuic also explores the gender issues that arose when a male-dominated army actively recruited and employed the services of 5,000 nurses in the midst of a growing feminist movement and a changing nursing profession. Women drawn to the army’s patriotic promise faced disturbing realities in the virtually all-male hospitals of South Vietnam. Men who joined the nurse corps ran headlong into the army's belief that women should nurse and men should fight. [WorldCat]

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