Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1994
Authorsde Villiers, Dirk
Running Time101 min
CountrySouth Africa
Publication LanguageAfrikaans, Engl, Dutch

Epic drama of honor, passion and freedom set during the Second Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902), a time when Britain colonised by might in Southern Africa. The film follows the bound fates of rebellious Boer farmer Sloet Steenkamp (Ian Roberts) and James Kerwin (Gavin van den Berg), a Captain with the British Army. Steenkamp, a Cape Colonist and one of the Cape rebels refuses to surrender to the new rule and fights against the British invasion. He is captured and together with many others sent to the British concentration camp in Saint Helena where he is doomed to stay forever. He vowed to escape and return to his wife and farm. In a sense, the film tells the pre-history of the TV series Arende that aired from AprilĀ 1989 to January 1994.

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