The Politics of Memory in Postwar Europe

TitleThe Politics of Memory in Postwar Europe
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsFogu, Claudio, Wulf Kansteiner, and Richard Ned Lebow
Number of Pages384
PublisherDuke University Press
CityDurham, NC

For sixty years, different groups in Europe have put forth interpretations of World War II and their respective countries' roles in it consistent with their own political and psychological needs. The conflict over the past has played out in diverse arenas, including film, memoirs, court cases, and textbooks. It has had profound implications for democratization and relations between neighboring countries. This collection provides a comparative case study of how memories of World War II have been constructed and revised in seven European nations: France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, and the USSR (Russia). The contributors include scholars of history, literature, political science, psychology, and sociology. Country by country, they bring to the fore the specifics of each nation's postwar memories in essays commissioned for this volume. The use of similar analytical categories facilitates comparisons. 

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