Die Seelen im Feuer

TitleDie Seelen im Feuer
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsEgger, Urs
Running Time110 min
Date Released07/2014
DistributorNew KSM
Publication LanguageGerman

This Austrain-German television film focusses on  the Bamberg witch trials of 1630-31 during the Thirty Year's War (1616-1648). It  reveales how religious fanaticism tore apart communities in the context of war. Plagued by draught, inept politicians, and ongoing religious wars, residents of Bamberg blame witchery. Every death puts money in the coffers of the Catholic Church. One doctor tries to intervene by appealing to the emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Based on a historical novel by Sabine Ebert from 2008.

Translated TitleSouls in the Fire
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