The Europan War Collection

TitleThe Europan War Collection
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Year of Publication2014
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In 2016. the European War Collection at Princeton University consisted of 1,755 books and pamphlets relating to the European War. The University Library actively added books and pamphlets, publishing three listings of the collection — two in 1918: European War Collection: Alphabetical Author List and European War Classed List ], and one in 1920: Princeton University Library Classified List VI, pp. 3585-3608. During the 1920s and later, the bound books in the European War Collection were reclassed for the general stacks. However, hundreds of pamphlets (classed WET) were retained as a separate collection. The pamphlets were recatalogued by the Library during the summers of 1990 and 1991 and are now in the main catalogue. As of September 2014, "WWI European Pamphlet Collection"  is now available online.

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