Een vrouw tussen hond en wolf / Woman in a Twilight Garden

TitleEen vrouw tussen hond en wolf / Woman in a Twilight Garden
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1979
AuthorsDelvaux, André
Running Time1h 51min
Date Released05/16/1979
CountryFrance; Belgium
Publication LanguageFlemish

Woman in a Twilight Garden is a 1979 Belgian-French drama film directed by André Delvaux. Set in Antwerp in 1940, a newly married Belgian woman finds herself torn between loves and loyalties during World War II. Following the German occupation of Belgium, Lieve's husband is conscripted to fight with the Germans in the Eastern front. In the meantime, Lieve shelters François, a resistance fighter, and falls in love with him. Her husband's return causes mixed emotions between the two men and their shifting allegiances during the war.

Original PublicationEen vrouw tussen hond en wolf
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