1848 im Europäischen Kontext

Title1848 im Europäischen Kontext
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsFröhlich, Helgard, Margarete Grandner, and Michael Weinzierl
Number of Pages252
PublisherTuria Kant

A comparative view of the revolutions of 1848, which also discusses lesser-known developments in Hungary, Bohemia, and Great Britain, seems necessary, since news about regional revolutionary events significantly influenced the respective motivational horizons of the actors. This is especially true for the metropolises of the Habsburg Monarchy (Vienna, Budapest, Prague) and Berlin. At the same time, as has been demonstrated for Great Britain in particular, this news formed the basis for a sometimes quite successful policy of "revolutionary prophylaxis" by the ruling elites.

Translated Title1848 in the European Context
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