The Afro-American and the Second World War

TitleThe Afro-American and the Second World War
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1976
AuthorsWynn, Neil A.
Number of Pages191
PublisherHolmes & Meier Publishers
CityNew York

The definitive account of black Americans in World War II and its aftermath, The Afro-American and the Second World War has been expanded to include the wartime experience of black women, how demographic change reshaped the South, and other issues. In addition to providing a close look at the African American experience in the armed forces, the author discusses the widespread wartime discrimination at glaring odds with American claims to social equality and democracy; the resulting "war on two fronts" in which black newspapers, literature, and songs reiterated the demand for equal citizenship rights; the psychological impact of the war; and the protest campaigns launched by blacks during these years.

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