Voices of the Holocaust Project

TitleVoices of the Holocaust Project
Publication TypeWebsite
Corporate AuthorsIllinois Institute of Technology, and Galvin Library
Place PublishedChicago, IL

Voices of the Holocaust Project provides a digital archive of restored, transcribed, and translated interviews with Holocaust survivors conducted in 1946 by David P. Boder, a psychology professor from Chicago's Illinois Institute of Technology. Hosted by the Institute, the site aims to reach students, researchers, historians, and the general public. The testimonies were collected in displaced persons camps in France, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany, and are available to browse by name, language, date, location, camp, nationality and religion. In addition, the site includes a number of references, including maps of interviewee locations, birthplaces, ghettos, liberation locations, and more. See also its bibliography and glossary of terms. Interviews include audio recordings, transcriptions in the original language, and full English translations of the transcribed text.

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