Golemata voda / The Great Water

TitleGolemata voda / The Great Water
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsTrajkov, Ivo
Running Time93 minutes
Date Released04/30/2004
DistributorMedia Luna Entertainment
CountryNorth Macedonia
Publication Languagemacedonian, english

On his deathbed, a Macedonian politician remembers his childhood in post-World War II Yugoslavia. After wandering the countryside in the aftermath of the war, communist soldiers take Lem to a hard labor camp acting as an orphanage. There, he experiences the indoctrination of Soviet and communist ideology, a larger project that consolidated Tito's power and quelled ethnic, religious, and nationalist tensions. When a new kid, Isak, arrives, Lem begins to question his re-education. 

Alternate TitleDer Tag, als Stalins Hose verschwand
Original PublicationΓолемата вода (Golemata voda)
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