Das Heldenmädchen von Lüneburg

TitleDas Heldenmädchen von Lüneburg
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsHagemann, Karen
EditorDuden, Barbara, Karen Hagemann, Regina Schulte, and Ulrike Weckel
Book TitleGeschichte in Geschichten: Ein historisches Lesebuch
CityFrankfurt am Main

Johanna Stegen (1793–1842) was a German heroine of the Antinapoleonic Wars. On 2 April 1813, German soldiers clashed with Napoleonic troops near Lüneburg in Northern Germany. In the course of the battle, the Prussian regiment risked running out of ammunition, and so Stegen rushed ammunition to them in her apron, thus contributing to the Prussian victory. She was glorified soon afterwards in a patriotic poem by Friedrich Rückert. In 1817, Stegen married Prussian corporal Wilhelm Hindersin (1792–1863) in Berlin, who after the wars had become royal printer in the war ministry. This article explores the history of Johanna Stegen and how it was remembered and rewritten over the course of the nineteenth century.

Translated TitleThe Hero Girl of Lüneburg
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