Biblioteca Virtual Galega

TitleBiblioteca Virtual Galega
Publication TypeWebsite
Year of Publication2002
Corporate AuthorsBiblioteca Virtual Galega
Place PublishedA Coruña, Spain

The Galician Virtual Library (BVG) of the University of Coruña, inaugurated on February 11, 2002, was a pioneering initiative developed by an interdisciplinary working group of specialists in Galician-Portuguese Philology, directed by Laura Tato Fontaíña and Informatics, coordinated by Nieves R. Brisaboa (Laboratory of Databases). From 2007 it was María Pilar García Negro who took over to lead the philological team, in a period characterized by almost no institutional funding. Sustained at BVG for a long time practically only thanks to the Database Laboratory's own funds and the voluntary work of the collaborators, the project is hoping to be updated. 

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