Nine Centuries of Man: Manhood and Masculinity in Scottish History

TitleNine Centuries of Man: Manhood and Masculinity in Scottish History
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsAbrams, Lynn, and Elizabeth Ewan
Number of Pages284
PublisherEdinburgh University Press

Scotland, with its stereotypes of the kilted warrior and the industrial 'hard man' has long been characterised in masculine terms, but there has been little historical exploration of what masculinity actually means for men (and women) in a Scottish context. This interdisciplinary collection examines a diverse range of the multiple and changing forms of masculinities from the late eleventh to the late twentieth century, exploring the ways in which Scottish society through the ages defined expectations for men and their behaviour. How men reacted to those expectations is examined through sources such as documentary materials, medieval seals, romances, poetry, begging letters, police reports and court records, charity records, oral histories and personal correspondence. Focusing upon the wide range of activities and roles undertaken by men - work, fatherhood and play, violence and war, sex and commerce - the book also illustrates the range of masculinities that affected or were internalised by men. Together, the chapters illustrate some of the ways Scotland’s gender expectations have changed over the centuries and how, more generally, masculinities have informed the path of Scottish history

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