Friedrich Gundolf — Elisabeth Salomon: Briefwechsel (1914-1931)

TitleFriedrich Gundolf — Elisabeth Salomon: Briefwechsel (1914-1931)
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsEschenbach, Gunilla, and Helmuth Mojem
Number of Pages803
PublisherDe Gruyter

The correspondence between Friedrich Gundolf (1880-1931), and the emancipated Jewish woman Elisabeth Salomon (1893-1958) provides an inside view of their relationship, which played out in Heidelberg, Vienna, and Rome—against the backdrop of the First World War, the Spartacist uprising, hyperinflation, Viennese psychoanalysis, and Italian fascism. The romance between George's "favorite disciple" and Salomon was a scandal in George's circle of friends and acquaintances and led to a crisis in Gundolf’s relationship with Stefan George and eventually to an extremely painful separation of the two in 1923.

Translated TitleFriedrich Gundolf - Elisabeth Salomon: Correspondence (1914-1931)
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