Gender and Political Violence: Women Changing the Politics of Terrorism

TitleGender and Political Violence: Women Changing the Politics of Terrorism
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsOrtbals, Candice D., and Lori Poloni-Staudinger
CityNew York

This book examines the role of gender in political conflicts worldwide, specifically the intersection between gender and terrorism. Political violence has historically been viewed as a male domain with men considered the perpetrators of violence and power, and women as victims without power. Whereas men and masculinity are associated with war and aggression, women and femininity conjure up socially constructed images of passivity and peace. This distinction of men as aggressors and women as passive victims denies women their voice and agency. This book investigates how women cope with and influence violent politics, and is both a descriptive and analytical attempt to describe in what ways women are present or absent in political contexts involving political violence, and how they deal with gender assumptions, express gender identities, and frame their actions regarding political violence encountered in their lives.

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