Género e Identidad Sexual como Discurso Sofía Casanova y la Primera Guerra Mundial

TitleGénero e Identidad Sexual como Discurso Sofía Casanova y la Primera Guerra Mundial
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsCrespo, Pedro Ochoa, Elena Hernández Sandoica, and Concha Roldán
Corporate Authorsde Madrid, Universidad Complutens
Academic DepartmentFacultad de Geografía e Historia
Number of Pages444
UniversityUniversidad Complutense de Madrid

This doctoral thesis aims to elaborate a series of theoretical and methodological proposals through which it is possible to identify those situations and historical agencies by which subjects (individual and collective) have been able, or not, to become politically empowered, when they themselves start from contexts of subordination by sexual character and, by extension, of class and race... [the authors] have tried to establish how the Galician writer and journalist of the ABC newspaper Sofía Casanova, changed or not her representations of the public and the private throughout the First World War. The aim is to identify those situations of political possibility that Sofía Casanova encountered and, in this way, to establish some guidelines of the political empowerment that the Galician writer could have acquired in those years...the documentary base required for this research has rested on the texts of Sofía Casanova in ABC, as well as on a series of documents from other women who had an analogous experience to that of the Galician writer...Through the history of gender and its practices, the aim of this thesis is to allude to the inescapable protagonism of the gender system and the social and political tensions that derive from it, as a useful perspective for historical analysis.

Translated TitleGender and Sexual Identity as Discourse: Sofia Casanova and the First World War
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