Género y justicia transicional: movimientos de mujeres contra la impunidad

TitleGénero y justicia transicional: movimientos de mujeres contra la impunidad
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsAzkue, Irantzu Mendia, Gloria Guzmán Orellana, and Iker Zirion Landaluze
Number of Pages313
CityBilbao, Spain

This book presents experiences of political action by organized women against impunity for serious human rights violations committed against them and against the civilian population in general, in several countries that have experienced or continue to be immersed in armed conflicts and repressive environments. In all cases there is a women's movement that refuses to allow its demands to be relegated to the periphery of the processes of truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-repetition. These are women who, although most of them are and recognize themselves as victims of violence, transcend this condition and assert themselves as key political subjects in the transitions towards peace, the recovery of the destroyed social fabric, the search for negotiated solutions to conflicts, the demands for justice and the defense of human rights, not only in the context of their immediate communities, but also at the state and international level. Theirs is a collective, organized and conscious action that goes beyond stereotypical views on the victimization of women in armed conflicts, and which reflects long trajectories of resistance and struggle to survive, overcome violence and build fairer and more egalitarian societies.

Translated TitleGender and Transitional Justice: Women's Movements Against Impunity
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