Women and the Military System

TitleWomen and the Military System
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsIsaksson, Eva
Number of Pages455
PublisherSt. Martin's
CityNew York

This edited volume presents the proceedings of a symposium arranged by the International Peace Bureau and Peace Union of Finland. Like the symposium the book attempts a multidisciplinary tour the force on the subject of women and the military system through time and  space containing a total of 25 chapters organized in six parts. Part I explores the "Historical Perspec­tives," here especially Barton Hacker's seminal work on ''Armies, Women and Politi­cal Economy in Early Modern Europe" is noteworthy. Part II addresses the theme of "Women, Men and the Military," Part III the "Military Economy," and Part IV "Liberation Struggles and the Liberation of Women." Part V examines "Women as Creators of World Peace"  and finally Part VI  the "Militarization of Women." The last part focuses on current trends and is with eight chapters the largest in the volume. It includes contributions on women's mili­tary involvement in Denmark, the Federal Republic of Germany, Fin­land, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, and the United States.

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