Frauen und der spanische Krieg 1936-1939: Eine biografische Dokumentation

TitleFrauen und der spanische Krieg 1936-1939: Eine biografische Dokumentation
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsSchiborowski, Ingrid
Number of Pages652
PublisherVerlag am Park

In the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), the putschists received support from Hitler's Germany and Mussolini-Italy, and anti-fascists from many countries—including many women—rushed to help the Republic. Together with the Spanish women, they fought on the fronts, in military hospitals or in hospitals in the hinterland as nurses or doctors. They drove motor vehicles, worked in the militia or in administration, interpreted in the International Brigades, took photographs and wrote for the press at home and abroad. For the first time, the names and biographies of these courageous women were identified and compiled from all accessible sources over many years of work. 3,431 were found, including 2,188 Spanish women. This book makes clear what an emancipatory upheaval and breakout from this male-dominated, Catholic society the Popular Front movement represented. This push for social progress had a lasting effect and probably prevented Franco's Spain from joining Nazi Germany in World War II.

Translated TitleWomen and the Spanish War 1936-1939: A Biographical Documentation
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