Masculinity and Homosexuality in Germany and the German Colonies, 1880-1945

TitleMasculinity and Homosexuality in Germany and the German Colonies, 1880-1945
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsWhisnant, Clayton
JournalJournal of the History of Sexuality
Issue1 (Special Issue)
Date Published01/2008

The five articles included in this special issue hint at the future direction of research in Germany's gay history. Walther's and Schmidt's essays suggest the fruitfulness of research into both homoerotic and homophobic aspects of German imperialism. They make us realize how much more research needs to be done yet on the culture of German imperialism, both in the colonized areas and in the metropole. In dealing with this question as well as many other areas of research, queer theory will no doubt prove fruitful. Pursell's essay demonstrates how useful this theoretical perspective can be both in providing new answers to old questions as well as opening up a new way of looking at German culture in general. And both Crouthamel's and Ramsey's essays show us how much untapped material there is even in a field such as Weimar Germany, which one might assume has been exhaustively explored. In both of these essays, we see how this untapped material can give us a fresh viewpoint on questions that maintain importance, such as the impacts of World War I and the emergence of a movement for sexual rights. [Author]

The five contributions include:

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